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About VVGG

VVGG: (pronounced 'vee-vee-gee-gee') is an abbreviation of Vivi Gigi, which is an abbreviation of Vivienne Georgina, my cat's name. With a name like that she sounds like she hails from the french countryside, but alas, she's a former street cat rescued somewhere in the South Bronx. This is all relevant, I promise. 

I started Studio VVGG in pursuit of a happier life. I've struggled my entire life with happiness - and the seemingly infinite lack thereof - but I've always been able to derive peace and joy through artistic creation.

I’m also constantly filled with bouts of joy from Vivi, my cat. She is quite literally my joy center - so much so that I felt compelled to name this creative endeavor after her.

I hope that VVGG can become a joy center for you, just as the namesake is for me.

With love,


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